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What is Kenpo Karate

Kenpo is a practical form of self defense that is effective and utilizes kicking and hand techniques.  Concept of Kenpo include blocking and counterstrikes to vital organs and pressure points with linear and circular strikes and  intermittent bursts of speed and power.  Kenpo teaches one to defend against multiple attackers in real life situations.


Traditional sports, such as basketball, football and baseball, offer the benefits of physical fitness, teamwork, discipline and teach the value of fair play. All of these are important and can help shape the personality and future of our children but what many people do not know is that kenpo karate training offers all the same benefits and much more.

A Kenpo karate student also learns respect, self-esteem, and self discipline. Students are taught to respect their parents, adults, teachers and above all themselves. Students are taught respect by referring to adults and upper ranking students as Sir or Mam. Students are required to come to class in a clean and kept uniform. By requiring a clean uniform the student learns to take pride in his or her appearance. Self-esteem is also gained through the confidence a student finds in themselves as their strength and abilities grow. There is a great deal of self worth in knowing that if you work hard and do your best that you can accomplish and handle anything that comes your way.

In addition, to the lessons learned, our instructors take an active role in the student’s education and home life. Unlike teachers and coaches in other sports, we welcome parents to come in and talk to us about the child’s study and work habits and offer any assistance we can. Often times, we will help and offer assistance in correcting behavioral problems that parents may have difficulty handling.

We also reward students for doing well, for example students who maintain grades of A’s and B’s in school are given a patch that they may wear and display proudly on their uniform that recognizes their academic achievements. Those who do not perform well face being demoted or having to do rigorous exercises.

We invite you to watch and even take a class so that you may see for yourselves what the world of martial arts has to offer.


Blues Boxing Gym has specialized in martial arts since 1997 and has one of the most innovative programs in Grand Rapids to create champions.

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