Amateur / Pro Boxing

Blues amateur boxing program is highly structured and quite demanding, requiring discipline, commitment, and attention to detail. This is in consideration that participants will be involved in athletic competition, which if held within the United States is conducted in cooperation with, and run under the auspices of USA Boxing Inc.

Program Benefits

Whether an individual reaches amateur boxing’s highest level is not the most pressing of concerns. What is of prime importance is that we encourage youth to be the best they can possibly be, cultivating an attitude and desire we hope carries over into future pursuits.

The quintessential character builder as well as confidence booster, our competitive program instills discipline, improves fitness, promotes weight loss, and ultimately serves as a venue for the positive release of energy and frustration.

In fact, amateur boxing by all accounts is a proven delinquency deterrent, the beneficial impact of which is both astounding and well documented. This contradicts the mind-set of many in that boxing is thought to promote rather than discourage violent behavior.

Whether formerly anti-social or aggressive trained boxers abilities are tested and proven in the ring, so that outside the sports confines individuals are more restrained with the desire to publicly display anger or retaliate when confronted or insulted either diminished or non-existent.


Blues Boxing Gym has specialized in martial arts since 1997 and has one of the most innovative programs in Grand Rapids to create champions.

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