Dino Newville

Director/Boxing Coach

About Dino here.


Dino Newville is a former 4 time world kickboxing champion of Grand Rapids Michigan.

Professional Life:

Dino spends 100% of his time dedicated to helping kids stay of the streets and off drugs by bringing God into there lives thru the art of boxing and martial arts.





Dino Newville is awesome with the kids. He has the heart of a lion and really has contributed to the local community helping kids stay off the streets and off drugs.

"I've known Dino a long time and he's a true champion for the kids!"

Floyd Mayweather Sr.World Champion Boxer

"Dino is doing a great thing for Grand Rapids Community. It's one of many reasons why I choose to support him in his efforts to give back to the community and help kids create a better life through boxing."


Blues Boxing Gym has specialized in martial arts since 1997 and has one of the most innovative programs in Grand Rapids to create champions.

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